Former Facebook employee says the company has a ‘black people problem’

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Ex-Facebook executive Mark Luckie left the company recently, however, before leaving, he wrote an email to his fellow employees which began with "Facebook has a black people problem", Fast Company reported.

That led Facebook to ignore the needs of its black users, whom Mr Luckie said use Facebook more intensely and more frequently than the general population but who often feel they are being unfairly targeted by Facebook's moderators.

He went on to say that at least two or three times every day his colleagues working at Facebook's headquarters at Menlo Park in Silicon Valley would look "directly" at him while holding their wallet or shoving their hands down their pocket to clutch it tightly until he passes.

He says managers often see black staff as "hostile" or "aggressive" for sharing their thoughts in a manner similar to their non-black colleagues; dissuade black employees from becoming active in internal groups for black people; and discourage them from doing "black stuff" even if it happens outside of work hours. Black employees now make up 4% of the U.S. workforce in 2018, up from 2% in 2016.

But now Facebook has been hit with allegations of it allowing under-represented groups to be systematically excluded from communication. In some buildings, there are more "Black Lives Matter" posters than there are actually black people.

'To feel like an oddity at your own place of employment because of the color of your skin while passing posters reminding you to be your authentic self feels in itself inauthentic'.

Reacting to the note, Facebook representative Anthony Harrison said the organization has "been working tenaciously to expand the scope of viewpoints among the individuals who develop our products and serve the people who use them all through the world". "We are going to keep doing all we can to be a truly inclusive company", Harrison added.

"There is often more diversity in Keynote presentations than the teams who present them", Luckie wrote in the note, which he originally shared with Facebook employees on November 8.

When it rains, it pours - and Facebook's utterly sodden year continues to be flooded by accusations of bad governance.

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"She's so brutal to people, no one wants to bring her anything", one of the sources said of having to have hard conversations with Sandberg.

"Black people are driving the kind of meaningful social interactions Facebook is striving to facilitate", he added.

Mr Luckie said his experiences meant he had "lost the will and the desire to advocate on behalf of Facebook".

States-UnisSelon a former employee, the Blacks, in the minority among Facebook, are the subject of comments and behaviour offensive.

Luckie's note comes at an attempting time for Facebook, which is now under the microscope for its treatment of Russian impedance in USA elections and the spread of misinformation on its administration and in addition, stagnating and declining user growth in key markets.

Archibong later posted on Twitter, too: "We all have diverse experiences and I can't speak for your personal experience at FB - but your experience is not my experience and not that of many others here".

Luckie quit without a job lined up.

It's no secret that, broadly speaking, the technology industry has a diversity problem. "Accounts are suspended indefinitely", he wrote.

"Black people are far outpacing other groups on the platform in a slew of engagement metrics".



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