Republicans fight to keep control of the Senate in 2018 midterms

Border Protection agents take part in a training exercise at the U.S.-Mexico border Nov. 5 2018 in Hidalgo Texas

President Trump called Tuesday's midterm election results a "tremendous success", as the Republicans maintained their majority in the Senate but lost control of the House to the Democrats for the first time in eight years.

How the market shakes out in the final two years of Trump's presidency will probably be influenced by Tuesday's elections.

The election results mean Democrats will resume House control in January for the first time since the 2010 election, beginning a split-power arrangement with the Republican-led Senate that may force Trump to scale back his legislative ambitions and focus on issues with bipartisan support, such as an infrastructure improvement package or protections against prescription drug price increases. Joe Donnelly in IN and Republican Marsha Blackburn's win in Tennessee made it much more hard for Democrats to make inroads.

Trump previously claimed responsibility for the outcome of the midterm elections, with a White House statement saying the he gave voters a "clear choice".

But in some other toss-up races, the GOP managed to hold on.

Voters will "define the future, not just of Texas, but of this country, not just of this generation but every generation that follows", said Democrat Beto O'Rourke, who is challenging Senator Ted Cruz in traditionally deep-Republican Texas. Democrat Andrew Gillum is hoping to become the state's first African American governor. He was among 10 Senate Democrats fighting for survival in states Trump carried, including five by margins of at least 19 percentage points, though most were expected to run strongly. Democrats also want to examine whether Michael Cohen ever traveled to Russia, and whether Donald Trump Jr. told his father about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians.

If Democrats capture the House, they could block Trump's policy agenda and launch congressional investigations into Trump's administration, including his tax returns, possible business conflicts of interest and the nature of his 2016 campaign's ties to Russian Federation. Republicans now hold a 51-49 edge in Senate seats and are a strong favourite to retain control of the legislative body.

Meanwhile, two of the most-watched races - for governor and senator in Florida - appeared headed for the kind of nail-biting close finish for which the state is famous.

Around 40% of 2018 voters said they want President Donald Trump impeached, according to CNN's national exit polls.

"This is only just the beginning", said Schriock, president of Emily's List.

Abrams is running in a Republican state against Trump-backed candidate Brian Kemp, Georgia's secretary of state, who cast himself as a "politically incorrect" hard-line immigration candidate like the president. The President has energised a staggering number of Americans at packed arenas and in overflow crowds at rallies across the country.

But for most voters, the elections were less about economic good times and more about Mr. Trump. That could help Democrats because younger voters tend to lean their way.

USA midterm polls start to open: Who will control Congress?
Pennsylvania looked particularly daunting for Republicans after redistricting and a rash of retirements put several seats in play. Trump, whose approval ratings are mired in the low 40s, has vowed to his supporters at every rally they will "win, win, win".

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Mr. Trump had been barnstorming through states with competitive Senate races in recent weeks, including Missouri, Texas, and Florida. He was active on Twitter throughout much of the day, blasting out endorsements for Republican candidates and weighing in on the balloting.

Democrats needed to pick up two dozen seats to seize the House majority and two seats to control the Senate.

Expected Democratic chairs of the House Oversight Committee and Judiciary Committee were quick to preview their plans, including likely investigations into the president's tax returns and sources of income overseas, his policy of separating families from their immigrant parents at the border, his appointment of family members to senior positions, his coziness with donors, and his relationship with Moscow.

She said: "When Democrats win and we will win tonight, we will have a Congress that is open, transparent and accountable to American people". "Do not let their scare tactics frighten you away from the polls".

He was due to be joined by Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman and the President's ex-campaign aides, David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, a source familiar with the guest list said. Last week, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi predicted it would happen.

Two issues more than any others were on voters' minds: 25 percent described health care and immigration as the most important issues in the election.

"I feel less comfortable making a prediction today than I have in two decades", Republican pollster Frank Luntz said.

Her group, one of many formed since Trump's election and after the Women's March, connected thousands of women in the Atlanta area interested in becoming more politically active.

"I'm not on the ballot, but in a certain way, I'm on the ballot", Trump said in October.

The slim playing field for Republicans was even more surprising given the state of the economy.

Tuesday's midterm elections were among the most bitter in years.



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