County to Provide 2 Flu Clinics in SCV

Flu Season

"I missed school for a whole week once when I got the flu", Guenther said, "and I passed it onto my whole basketball team who all missed a week of school too".

The virus can be particularly harmful and sometimes even fatal to over-65s, pregnant women and sufferers from chronic illnesses, as these groups are all particularly vulnerable.

Doctors and epidemiologists have more than a century of facts to back up their call for vaccinations. But nowadays, there are so many flu vaccine options you might feel like you are ordering off a menu.

Student Health administers about 4,100 flu vaccines each year, though that represents only a portion of vaccinated students, as some may choose to get their shots from a provider outside the University. As a result, people should do all they can to help prevent the flu - or at the very least shorten its duration.

Influenza is the deadliest vaccine-preventable illness in the United States - each year from flu and flu-related complications. "They updated two of the strains to be more in line with what they believe is going to come around this year".

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It's back, it's on campus, and it's coming for you - it's influenza, more commonly known as the flu. Reactions with the mist are more common and can include a sore throat, headache and nausea.

"Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but it's certainly recommended to get it each year", Adkins said. "You want to make sure that you're protected and that you're protecting others", Shelton explained. Delivery of supplies of certain flu vaccines to GP practices and community pharmacies will be staggered between September and November.

When looking at the high child death toll, Richard Benson, a contractor in the CDC's office of infectious diseases, told Healthline that approximately 80 percent of children did not receive a flu shot past year. "So still important to get your flu shot". If a person contracts the flu soon after getting a flu shot, it is likely that they were exposed to the virus before the vaccine was able to take effect. A single flu shot can go a long way in preventing the disease and even a possible fatality. "The vaccine lessens the number of days you are ill if you do get the flu and also decreases the viral load of the virus, decreasing the spread to others".

"The vaccine is not a live virus, so it can not give a person the flu", Brown said. For adult patients without insurance, the regular flu shot costs $20 and the high dose for seniors costs $40.



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